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A day in the life of an eater…

June 12, 2015

Food JournalI’ve decided to start sharing a food-photo journal of what I’ve eaten in one day’s time. A day in the life of a food fan, so to speak. Not only am I hoping it will help me to be accountable for eating healthy , but that it will also inspire others to “come clean” and share what they’re eating all day. It’s one thing when you’re at home, tracking your food in a journal that no one but you can see, it’s another when you’re exposing your diet to others. There’s a transparency that cannot be avoided.

Not only that, but when you have as many sensitivities and intolerances to food as I do, you have to track what you eat. This probably sounds completely OCD to some. But, I might be doubled over in pain and have no clue where it came from. If I track what I eat, I can more easily assess, “Oh, I had dairy on Monday, or walnuts in a salad,” so, the next time I can avoid those things.

But, just writing it down in a journal, didn’t seem as satisfying to me. I really want to see what I’ve eaten. A photo could not only track what foods I’ve eaten, but how they were made, where I might have had them and what portion size I consumed. Lastly, I really want to be able to track processed food choices. It’s my goal to ditch as much as I possibly can that is packaged or has more than 4-5 ingredients (the Oreo, by the way, has 19 ingredients, compared to four in the fresh baked sourdough I bought at Wholefoods).

But more than anything, I adore food. And I love food photos. And so, if anything, this will be a collection of food ideas and “what to do eat” daily.

Food Journal:

Yesterday was a good day for eating. I felt well, despite the heat and I was quite busy running around, though I didn’t exercise.

Morning: My usual half cup of coffee in the morning, followed by Old Fashioned oats, with half cup unsweetened applesauce, chopped up apple and some blueberries (all whole ingredients).

Mid-morning: Not pictured, I had a sip of the Extreme Green Cleanse and a few chunks of watermelon (all whole ingredients).

Lunch: Went to Norma’s, my most favorite Moroccan restaurant, and had the tofu shawarma and a side of tabouli (tabouli= all whole ingredients; shawarma = possibly processed pita bread, possibly processed tofu, plus whole ingredients)

Mid-afternoon: My one Oreo and a small bowl of cherries (Oreo=heavily processed, plus cherries, whole)

Dinner: A bowl of lentil soup that reminds me of Spain and freshly baked sourdough from Wholefoods (bread = four ingredients, zero preservatives; lentils = all whole ingredients)

Late night: (8pm for me, and also not pictured) a piece of dark chocolate so small a mouse wouldn’t be fulfilled. I eat this amount to stave off a headache. It works!

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