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Friday’s foods…

June 13, 2015

friday foodYesterday I ate a ton. Doug came home early, so we ordered two shrimp, mango and black bean salads from Zinc Cafe, and since I cannot resist their shoestring fries, I ordered those too. By seven, we were sitting in a back booth at Bar Ferdinand, one of my favorite authentic Spanish (from Spain) restaurants going crazy ordering appetizers. We started with the “pan con tomate” a Catalan traditional bread very much like our bruschetta. Spanish olives and a sliver of Manchego cheese (not pictured) followed. Manchego is a hard sheep cheese, by the way, and one of my most favorite. Doesn’t upset my tummy too much either because it’s aged. Did you know any cheese aged over 90 days has virtually no lactose in it? It’s true!

Then came the lobster fritters. They were divine, though I could have survived without them. They were sweet and crunchy almost like a General Tso’s chicken, and I had two. A couple bites of a spanish tortilla (with more pan).

Finally, on the recommendation of a friend of mine, I ordered the octopus-citrus salad. More octopus than salad but worth every bite. I don’t typically eat or like octopus, but the chef really locked this dish out of the park.

All this, while sipping an East Side, this summer’s drink of choice for me. I’m not a gin drinker (heck, I’m not even a drinker!), but this thing goes down like cool cucumber & mint water. Deceptive and refreshing. And, two things I would never equate with gin.

Calories were off the charts yesterday. I’m not even counting them, but I can SEE that there was probably mucho damage done. Oh well, I’ll work it off tomorrow. I still hit most of my goals: lots of greens, fish only, and minimally processed choices.

And what are my eating goals?  That I rarely hit all in one day?

  • Five servings of veggies per day
  • Three servings of fruit per day
  • No added sugar (that includes cakes, cookies, pies, etc) or a minimum of 1-2 times per week
  • Only six servings of meat per week, 3-5 of them fish
  • Any meat I eat, I want grass/pastured/wild caught
  • Zero processed foods, or as minimal as possible
  • No white flour (this is almost impossible for me to attain considering how devoted I am to white floured bread, like baguette)
  • No extra coffee (other than my half cup in the morning)
  • No chocolate (dark chocolate gives me weird headaches)
  • No dairy (intolerance)
  • Eat slowly
  • Eat with people



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